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The Eyeronman, is a hands-free wearable device with sensors and emitters mounted directly on to a vest to detect environmental obstacles. We have compiled the winning combination of sensors/emitters including (1) LiDAR laser – as seen in driverless cars, (2) ultrasound – as seen in the echo-location of bats, and (3) infrared – as seen in the thermal detection of pit vipers. Each of these sensor/emitter combinations has their unique advantages in obstacle detection. Sensors and emitters are placed around the vest allowing the user to have full 360 degree obstacle detection. Obstacles will then be converted into tactile code represented on an underlying electronic textile t-shirt composed of electro-active polymers (EAPs).

The Eyeronman is not only for the visually impaired, it has dramatic implications for soldiers in combat, policemen, and firefighters who transiently have their vision impaired by smoke from fires, arrests at night, IED explosions, ect.



 eyeronman walking with examples